Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my payment declined?

The rejection of the payment of your order may be due to several reasons:

Credit card payment: After an internal review for protection against the illegal use of credit card data it was determined that your order cannot be processed any further. Furthermore, your information may have been entered incorrectly, or there may have been technical problems during the transmission of your data resulting in your order not having been paid.

PayPal payment: Due to a lack of feedback from a third party, such as your bank, your payment could not be confirmed.

In any case, ESET informs you about the status of your order and payment status.
For more information, please contact our customer support at

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Who should I contact with technical questions about a product?

For all technical questions regarding the product associated with the properties,                          configuration, compatibility and the ability to upgrade, please contact us at

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I received a coupon code. How can I redeem it?

Through a coupon code, you get discounts on future orders. Coupon codes are product specific and usually consist of a sequence of letters and numbers.
During the online order process please type the current voucher code in the field will appear on the "Shopping Cart" after you choose the option "I have a promotional code."
The coupon code discount will be automatically calculated on the shopping cart.

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What will happen after I place my order online?

You will immediately receive confirmation of the transaction after entering your order online. You will also receive confirmation by e-mail. The confirmation contains all of your order information, including your invoice or receipt.
If after submitting your order you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact customer support at

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Who should I contact with questions about my order, payment, or delivery?

Our customer support team will be happy to assist you.

Please contact customer support at for any information you may require.

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License username and password - How can I get my data?

You can request your ESET Software license credentials by following the link Forgot license username or password or by sending an e-mail to customer support at

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